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Posted by Ryan Kimble on 01-11-2021

Excellent agency! Greg and his guys at PPA are top notch, and I would recommend them to anyone. True professionals with a lot of knowledge and experience.

Posted by Evan Levitt on 07-22-2019

Sometimes life goes by too fast, and perhaps we take relationships for granted. I'd like to start a campaign to single out and praise individuals in my network that are much more then just a colleague or strategic partner and whom deserve some public notice. Next up Gregory Lazaroff. Greg is the Owner of Pinnacle Protection Associates out of Wichita, KS. I've had the pleasure of collaborating on several projects with Greg, and have become good friends along the way. Greg and I have had many, many, engaging business conversations over the years. Although Greg may look at me as a mentor type and seek guidance from time to time, it is truly the student is the teacher and the teacher is the student. I really enjoy and value speaking with Greg on both a professional and personal level and more so enjoy seeing he and his company grow!

Posted by Joe LaSorsa on 06-17-2019

Trusted professionals are hard to find, PPA is on that short list.

Posted by rob l on 06-17-2019

I have worked and trained alongside Gregory Lazaroff the driving force behind Pinnacle Protection. He is a dedicated professional, and he surrounds himself with like minded professionals. I would utilize Gregory and his team for any needs within the security industry.

Posted by Devin Tullis on 06-17-2019

Tullis Worldwide Protection just recently hired Pinnacle Protection Associates to assist with a large scale operation in Kansas. Greg and his team did an outstanding job. All of them were true professionals. Very proud and happy with the outcome of this assignment. I look forward to working with them again in the future and would highly recommend them to any other client.

Posted by Dalton Alvey on 06-17-2019

Professional doesn’t even begin to describe Pinnacle Protection Associates. I’ve worked beside them and with them in times past and I would highly recommended this agency anytime. Having Greg as a leader is always an exceptional experience.

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