Private Investigation

We are a private investigation company and are licensed and insured in the state of Kansas.
We are committed to providing you with the highest quality services in a timely and cost effective manner.
Safe, Secure & Discreet represent and define our core values.

State of Kansas Private Detective Agency A-5992.


Threats confronting businesses today are constantly evolving and increasing in their complexity. Skilled at analyzing your current security status to discover gaps, exploitable vulnerabilities and opportunities for improvement, our consultants will recognize the most cost-effective strategies to secure your business and apply industry best practices. Our recommendations will also ensure long term profitability of your business or organization. We will identify the risks and vulnerabilities that can have a severe impact on your corporation and will ensure regulatory and/or standards compliance.

Secure Transportation

We provide Bodyguard Services, full time protection details and temporary protective services for VIP’s, Celebrities, High-Net-North, and At-Risk Individuals.
Including Estate and Residential Security Services, Armed Transportation by Experienced Drivers, and International Travel and Risk Advisories. We conduct the appropriate Threat Assessments, Vulnerability Analysis and Lifestyle Assessments and provide the appropriate recommendations to mitigate risks and exposures in order to ensure your safety, security and peace of mind.

Workplace Violence / Hostile Termination

Todays workplace in Corporate America have seen an epidemic of violence. Either a spillover from a Domestic Dispute, during the termination of an employee, or a reduction in workforce, our associates have been called upon to bring their Protective Services Experience to the workplace. Out of an abundance of caution, we have placed our associates throughout Corporate America. If there are threats against a business or its employees, PPA can assist to mitigate those risks. 

Church Security & Consulting

Places of Worship have come under attack these last few years. We have developed plans for places of worship. Whether it is Active Shooter Training, a full security consult, or a vulnerability assessment. See if PPA can help bring a sense of peace to your congregation. All associates are members of their churches in good standing.

Tour Security

PPA have worked with leading Grammy Award Winning Artists. Our Associates have extensive backgrounds working with leading artists all over the country. Whether you need extra assets on site locally in Kansas or the greater Mid Continental area, or while on a world tour, allow Pinnacle Protection to give you a comprehensive assessment with utmost discretion. We will proactively identify and mitigate all risks to the security, safety, and reputation of your Artist through Protective Intelligence, physical and technical measures, advance work, emergency planning and close physical protection.

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News Crew / Photoshoot Security

PPA has worked with several well respected News Organizations and Reality TV Networks.  Contact us for a full security assessment, we have also worked with photographers while out in the field to proactively mitigate their risks. 

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Armed Security

Our Armed Security Officers are former Military and/or retired Law Enforcement Professionals.  We have very high standards at PPA and strive to give our clients the very best Armed Officers.

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